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Do you have spiritual questions?  Are you looking for YOU?

Locked mindset? Stressed out? Anxious? Low self esteem? No movement in your life? Is your body bothersome? Do you see energies you cannot understand? Or do you have them in your house? Just need someone to talk to?

Who's Mindsolution.no? 

-Someone to talk to - healer - clairvoyant -spiritual medium 

Foto: #marianns_verden
Foto: #marianns_verden


Healing is energy and may assist you to cope with pain and everyday life in a better way. The gift of communicating healing energy came to me a few years ago. In order to understand the gift at a deeper level and convey it to you, I have trained as a Reiki master / therapist.

Trance healing

A deeper connection with the engergy.

Foto: #marianns_verden
Foto: #marianns_verden


To be allowed to "see" you in my inner mind, may give us a starting point for a journey within YOUR inner self. This might pivot your direction in life.

Who are you? Where are you?

Aura sensing

I sense the aura by leading my hands over your body without touching it. This might give us a sense of what to focus on during healing. Often done in healing sessions to enhance healing. 

Foto: #marianns_verden
Foto: #marianns_verden


Communication with your relations that have passed over to the spirit side of life. 

Can be done in F2F sessions, for a group or family/friends. 

House cleansing

Do you experience energies in your house?  Someone might want to give you a message. 

  A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open. 


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